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What to put in a Pinata?

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Many people go to parties everyday, many times they do it with an actual purpose of celebrating the person or occasion that the party is supposed to be commemorating. However, we have to accept that a great number of people just go to parties with a more selfish purpose in mind. They dress up and, if you are lucky, they will bring a small gesture like a bottle of wine or something of the sort; but in their mind they are there for themselves.

Nevertheless, we cannot just point fingers because we are also like that; and it is not wrong. People go to parties and events to have fun and take something home with them; it can be just a wonderful memore of a good time or a small detail or souvenir that will remind us of the occasion in the future.

With a customized pinata you can rest assure that people will leave your party or event with more than just a great memory. Depending one the theme and occasion you are celebrating,
your pinata can be filled with whatever your imagination and creativity can come up with. From the traditional many fillings, to more ingenious things like miniature liquor bottles, condoms,
keychains with your logo, coupons, action figures, mini Oscar statues inside a Oscar-shaped pinata for your Oscars Night Party; the possibilities are endless.


And with your imagination is the limit because we will build your pinata to your exact specifications and we can fill it with whatever you want or you can fill it yourself. Even
more outrageous, you can order mini-pinatas and fill them with anything you like and give each attendee one to take home! Rest assure that it will be an original and memorable experience
for everyone involved!

By Diego Garzón



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