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It’s 2018 and everybody has a spirit of renovation and trying out new things. From your mom determined to start using Instagram, to your wife or girlfriend with her mind set on getting over a thousand followers; everyone has a goal to make things better and new this year. However, thing only get bigger from there, because individuals are not the only ones looking for new trends and fashions. Every company, from small companies and entrepreneurs just getting started, to international mega-conglomerates, the race and fight to being the most original and setting new trends in order to gain more customers and followers starts even the new year does.



Companies spend millions of dollars every year to promote their brand and their products, using all kinds of smart activations that go form the simple passing of flyers to more technologically complex events and even cosplay actors; not to mention commercials and digital marketing campaigns that get smarter every eyer.

However, there is a trend that is rising among companies and events of all sizes, and that is also being used by advertising agencies and publicists all over the world: the use of piñatas. From having a corporate logo, to making your CEO into a piñata; or even a team mascot; there is no limit on what can be turned into a customized piñata. Visit today and see for yourself the limitless options you can have in order to make your brand or advertising agency offer something different, original, and guaranteed to make an impression.

By Diego Garzón



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