The funny Case of the Donald Trump Pinatas

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Written by Jose Agudelo

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Las piñatas hubieran sido lo último con lo que el candidato presidencial Donald Trump hubiera gustado ser asociado, y, a decir verdad, hubiera sido lo último con lo que la gente lo asociase si no fuera por una serie de eventos ocurridos en el lapso de un año. Desde que el magnate de los bienes raíces decidió postular su candidatura a la presidencia en el partido conservador, la percepción que los latinoamericanos han tenido de él ha cambiado radicalmente. En esta famosa ceremonia en la que anuncio su candidatura, Trump decidió hablar abiertamente acerca de la supuesta amenaza que los mexicanos (y por extensión todos los latinos) representan para el país. Desde entonces, toda una ola de rechazo en contra de su persona se ha producido tanto en México como en las comunidades latinas de Estados Unidos. Este rechazo viene en muchas formas diferentes, y una de ellas es en la forma de piñatas.

Pinatas would have been the last thing Presidential Candidate Donald Trump would have liked to be associated with, and, to tell the truth, it would have been the last thing people would associate him with if it wasn’t for a series of events that happened in the last year. Since this real estate tycoon decided to announce his candidacy to the presidency of the United States as the conservative representative, the perception the Latin american communities residing in said country has changed quite considerably. In this public gathering in which he told everybody he was running for president, Trump spoke openly about the alleged threat that Mexicans represent for the U.S. Since then, a huge wave of rejection to his persona has sprung up both in Mexico and The United States. Of all of the ways people showed contempt, the most interesting of all was through the use of pinatas.

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The idea to create a Donald Trump pinata can be attributed to Dalton Ramirez, Owner of Pinateria Ramirez, for it was the first one to come up with a complete design for this character. Since then,  the Donald Trump pinata with his characteristic Comb-over has become quite a success, Many Pinaterias throughout North America are making  this kind of pinatas, and sales are impressive. Everybody wants to have one.


The interest in buying one of this pinatas varies according to the person who buys it. Many people want to have them just to have fun, others just because it is trendy. However, a group that is increasingly more common is those rioters that use this pinata to express political messages against his views on matters like immigration, gun ownership, etc.

Several people have recorded videos while doing the ceremoniously “Donald Trump Pinata Smashing”. For example, here we have the demonstration of a professor from Oregon who does not agree with the famous politician:

This curious phenomenon helps us understand that people sometimes get some payback in many funny ways. American politics is infamous for not taking into consideration many ethnic minorities, so these have to find new and innovative ways of making themselves be heard. This time, the means was pinatas.

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