Top Ten Superhero Pinatas

Written by Jose Agudelo

Superheroes are famous everywhere and loved by everyone, there is no doubt about it. You can ask anyone about their favorite comic/movie character and they will certainly give you more than one answer. Their powers and abilities, alongside their sense of justice and kind acts make them incredible. This is why today I bring you my picks for the Top Ten Superhero Pinatas. Brace yourself! you are about to be amazed!




This superhero is one of the most powerful beings in all Marvel. It represents strength, power and courage. It is a pity this pinata ditches all of that and focuses instead on another side of him we had not seen: The cute one. Many people would argue he got cheated on that, and I would agree, but darn it looks cute! That is enough for me!




The Dark Night rises, and more cute than ever! This pinata does emulate the menacing look Batman usually has, but it makes up for it with that fancy shield, look at that! trendy! Well, it is not that awesome, but even so, it is good enough for deserving an entry on this list.


nercityonline com

Harley Quinn

This character, unknown to mainstream media until a year ago, is one of the superheroes that is going to appear in the upcoming blockbuster Suicide Squad. It stands out for its playful attitude and apparently innocent looks. This pinata does the same exact thing, and it deserves price for that.


tolucanoticias com

Spiderman and Captain America

Spiderman and Capitain America are two of the most beloved Marvel characters because of their, let’s say “Professional Ethics”? They do what is right, and now you want to break that apart, how does that make you feel?




Cyborg is one of the most important characters of the series “Teen Titans”. This pinata displays his most important traits: Friendliness and tough looking.


simplysuperheroes com


The Man of Steel, the superhero extraordinaire, please hail Superman! The most famous and powerful superhero in the world. This pinata makes him look like what he is: a strong and heroic man.




They say that Wolverine cannot die, he is just too tough of a guy. That has proven to be truth over and over again, but it is time for you to find that out! will you be able to break a pinata of him? you think you have what it takes, well, we must see.




The Merc with a Mouth. The funniest superhero. I am not going to go into a discussion here about him not going a superhero but something else just bare with me for a sec! this pinata is awesome! doesn’t that make it worthy of such a high spot? I thought so!


mercadolibre ar


Hulk Smash! And hulk is about to be smashed! that is for sure! This pinata (a lego version, by the way) is of the very best you will find. Look at it and tell me you do not want one of these for you! You see, you could not do it!




This is perfection made a Pinata. A project that took several weeks, this Ironman pinata is everything someone would want for their party. Only one of these models was made, so you cannot have one of them unless you build it yourself. It is sad to know you would have to work hard for it instead of buy it if you really want to have it, It’s life! you have to pick your battles sometimes!



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