Top Ten Car Pinatas

Written by Jose Agudelo

Children adults alike love having cars. Whether they be actual cars or only toys of them, having one of them is always a pleasure. It is not possible to fathom how many cars each one of us owned when we were growing up. Cars drive children crazy, and so do pinatas! it is an interesting combination when you think about it. And it has not come unnoticed. For decades Pinata makers have created pinatas based on vehicles, and that trend is not going to change in the near future. The following are my pick for the ten best car pinatas at the moment.



This convertible car is the best idea for when you want your child to know that money is everything. You see Jimmy??? you can have that is your work hard enough! Well, not really, but we do not want him to know that yet.



Mate, the iconic character of the movie Cars and Cars 2. His popularity among children is so big that he is sometimes considered to be the main character. His sense of humor and friendly attitude make him extremely lovable.



This pinata inspired on a Formula 1 car is a must if you want your child to have a try at this wonderful sport. This will be the first car (of many) that he will destroy. Cheers!



How is your child going to break one of this? It is a monster! Literally a monster truck-pinata! Perfect for all of the family and friends. Be sure to ride this one before you destroy it!



A Lego Police Car. Because that is what your child need, attack the police. Leaving aside the wrongful messages this pinata might send, there is no denying it is a very interesting design. I personally would love one of this!



I can see why someone would create a pinata of an electric car. Who likes them anyway? well certain environmentalists but we are not going to go into that. And despite the fact that I do not like that kind of car I have to say that this pinata rocks! everything about it is good!



We already included an entry of Mate, his best friend/sidekick. Is it a surprise that we include Lighting McQueen in this top? it is a top about cars after all! This pinata earns an spot because of the amount of detail it shows and its resemblance to McQueen himself.


Fiesta en grande para Edgar

Another monster truck, but this one much more better. Look at the colors! this was main for competitors, for leaders, for badass!



I do not know what I would do should I have this pinata: to break it or to use it to take my family to the supermarket? impossible to know at this moment. This pinata is wonderful a real-sized pinata car, it is so cool! now your child can feel what is like to act against public order.



I have written a post about the story behind this pinata here. Justin Favela is the artist behind this mater piece. One of the best pinatas displayed in this blog, and today this Top Ten’s winner.



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