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Top Ten Pinatas Based on Celebrities

Written by Jose Agudelo

Pinatas can be made with countless different designs. There is no limit for what a pinata maker can do if he is creative enough. In many posts in this blog we have shown some of the best pinatas out there, to make a point of how artistic this profession really is. Today, we are going to show one of the most interesting designs pinata makers can use for their creations: Celebrities. Making pinatas of public figures is a no-brainer: people will want to buy pinatas both of their favorite and most hated celebrities. These top ten shows the best pinatas based on celebrities that we could find. They compile the best of the best in terms of quality and likelihood of the pinata with the person it’s based out of.


mexican politicians

Mexican Politicians

These pinatas was based on the likeliness of 4 of the most famous (or, in this case, infamous) american politicians, with Mexican president Pena Nieto being the one that stands out the most. Suffice to say the Mexican public is not happy with these individuals after all the controversy they have been involved in.



Fast And Furious

Fast n’ Furious is o a multi-million dollar blockbuster that has one of the biggest fan base in the film industry. These movie series focuses on the feats of its three main charactes: Toreto, Hobbs and O’Conner. Let’s continue the race with these pinatas! who wants to have only one of them? You gotta have the full cast!


bin laten inprintitemsdotcom

Osama Bin Laden

Yes, a Bin Ladden pinata. Just because. Who doesn’t want to hit one of these pinatas? a psychopath terrorist one of the best designs. Just showing one of these will attract a load of people willing to have a swing a it! you have been warned!




When a nightclub in Tauranga, New Zealand held a party last Thursday to celebrate ANZAC Day, they offered a variety of promotions to entice potential revelers, including free drinks for anyone in costume. But only one perk, a piñata shaped like Adolf Hitler and “filled with bar tabs and goodies,” drew the attention of national media as well as the criticism of the German Embassy.



Hillary Clinton

This is one of the pinatas of the moment. Hillary Clinton is the democratic candidate for the 2016 presidential election in the united states. American politicians are controversial figures (you will see more of this in a moment) so it is no wonder some people want to smash one of these.


kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of those people that, love or hate it, people always pay attention to. This woman (that became famous thanks to a scandal with a renown rapper and musician) has been invited to countless interviews and even stars a t.v. show alongside her family. She stands out because of her beauty and appeal.  Even though I do not want to imagine why anyone would like a pinata with this design in particular, it did a good job at portraying the celebrity’s lines.


cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous and talented soccer players in the world. He has come to notoriety because of another trait of his: his apparently limitless ego. He has many things to boast for that is no lie, but he is particularly disliked by some soccer fans (specially those who root for Barcelona).




Another soccer player, but this one in particular got a lot of hate because of his controversial play during the game against the Mexican soccer team for the classification to the next stage of the 2014 Soccer World Cup. The dutch player took a dive during the last minute of the match that  awarded a penalty shoot to his team, that in turn led to the victory over the Mexicans. During the days that followed, Mexicans around the country built and destroyed hundreds of this pinatas to cope with the frustration the unfair elimination gave them. Mexican people do know how to retaliate.



El Chapo 

The Mexican drug dealer has came to notoriety in the last couple of years because of his crimes (many death have  been attributed to him and to the drug cartel he used to rule over). and also because of his feat: one of the biggest prison escapes in modern history. Now you can capture it and have it in your own house!


pinata trump

Donald Fricking Trump

Was this really a surprise? Of course not. We all knew Donald Trump was gonna be somewhere on this lists. No single public figured has been made into a pinata in the degree the republic candidate has, and the trend is not changing in the near future. Everybody loves to hate him because of his personality and also his political incorrectness. I cannot think of someone who doesn’t want to own one of these guys. They make any party so much fun!

Photos taken from Pinateria Ramirez,, and Bahama.hut.



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