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Top Ten Movie Villains Pinatas

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Written by Jose Agudelo

A good movie has to have a good villain. That much is sure. The dynamics between the Hero and the Villain in the movie is what makes the plot interesting and worth watching. If you think about all the movies that you have seen in your life you will realize that the villain incited a emotional reaction within you as strong as the hero did, and not without reason. Villain are created for that only: to stir you up, to shake your emotions and to make you feel fear, anger or pity. In this post I am going to show you my pick for the Top Ten Movie Villains Pinatas. Enjoy.


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This one of those characters that almost traumatized me when I was little! I remember not being able to buy toys the week after I watch the movie because I thought they were going to be like this little friend! This guys gave us more than a couple of scares when we were children. This pinata makes us remember what we once experienced, and it is time for payback!




Loki, the villain we all kinda love. Since his appearance in the Thor franchise, he became incredibly popular because of his complex personality and goals. There are even some that think that he is more interesting that his brother and enemy, the almighty Thor. Love him or hate him, what’s certain is that his appearance makes any super hero film much more better.




This  is a pinata of one of the mos representatives monsters of  classic fiction: The dreadful Frankenstein. Since the creation of this character more than a hundred years ago, millions of people have watched the films that feature him, Read the books whereby he is the main villain, and now they can hit the pinatas that are based on him.


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The Joker is one of the most famous (or, should we say, infamous?) movie villains in the world. His twisted mind and disordered ideas make him a hugely popular character, known and even admired by many circles of fans. Everyone remembers  The Dark Knight, where we saw the finest depiction of this character.


Brainiac Pinata 1


Brainiac, a supercomputer that has so much brainpower it can actually outsmart our beloved superhero Superman. This villain gave more than one headache to him and know you can avenge our favorite kriptonian! Go ahead what are you waiting for?




Maleficent is the main antagonist of Walt Disney’s 1959 film Sleeping Beauty. There is nothing good you can say about her. She is mean, menacing, evil, without compassion, every trait you would hate someone for having she has it. She made such a huge impact on the audience that she is still remembered and hated today.



Darth Vader

Darth Vader is one of those villains that become more famous that the hero they should fight against. How come? well, when the first trilogy of the multi-million dollar franchise Star Wars came out everyone freaked out because of him. His now immortal line “Luke, I am your father” became an all time favorite among hardcore and casual fans alike. This pinata does justice to the character, and I am actually considering having one of them for myself.




The scariest and meanest villain the Mario Bros franchise, Bowser has been the main cause of frustration for the players of these games since the 1980’s. Bowser actually made it to the big screen several timesand that is why he is on this top. It is plain the creator of this pinata really put a lot of work into making in, the amount of details and the resemblance it has with the character is based on make it a huge hit among pinata lovers.


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Evil Emperor Zurg

The Emperor Zurg is the worst enemy of the beloved spacial police officer Buzz Lightyear. This pinata will be the center of attention in the children party you are going to host (or attend). Be sure to keep it at bay before the official pinata smashing though, you do not know what might happen to it, several kids hate this one.




Look at this pinata and tell me it does not shout perfection! This Venom pinata looks strong, tough, menacing, mean, powerful, and badass! everything a Venom Pinata should look like. Definitely one of the best of the best. I need to know where I can get one of these, because I want it know. Hail the winner of the Top Ten Movie Villain Pinatas!



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