Top Ten Pinatas

Top Ten Movie Pinatas

ray veladez
Written by Jose Agudelo

Who doesn’t love movies? movies are one of the most popular genres of entertainment at the moment and that trend is not going to change in the near future. A good movie can change lives, or at least provide a couple of hours of fun and enjoyment. There are countless movies out there and many more are released on an annual basis. Certain films are so popular that many pinatas are based on their designs and characters. These are our picks for the top ten pinatas based on movie characters, these ones are the best of the best for sure.


piratas del caribean

Pirates of the Caribbean

Arrrrg! Pirates have always been fun. This pinata based on the most successful Hollywood franchise involving pirates is everything you need to give your party a wild touch. The next step? bringing some rum of course!




Minions. They are everywhere. The whole world seems to be crazy for them, and why would it not? They are fun and cute. That’s good enough. There are many pinatas of minions out there, and they are pretty good actually, it is no wonder they occupy a place in this list!


super hero  pinata

Super Hero Pinatas

The Super-Hero genre is huge right now. Hundreds of millions of people rush to the theaters every month to watch their favorite superhero save the world against a supervillain’s army. Suffice to say these characters are loved by a huge fan base. In this photo we can see the most representative superheroes who appear in all those films. Wolverine Daredevil, Cyclops, etc., children love them all, so why don’t you get one of these for your child?




One of the classic villains of all times. Who doesn’t know this individual? this freak of nature has been around for more than a hundred years, and several films where he appears have been released since then. Everyone knows him. This pinata shows him to us as we like him best: ugly and dreadful. I would not mind beating one of these.



Darth Vader

The force will be with you now, literally. Darth Vader is one of those characters that transcend their own franchises and get into mainstream media. This pinata is guarantied to shout “I am your father!” before you hit it. Will you want to hit it after it does that? No way!




The second Star Wars character on a row. And it should not surprise you. This Yoda pinatais the perfect imitation of the character. It even mirrors flawlessly the way he looks at things. Why anyone would destroy such a peaceful character is beyond me.




The cutest robot out there. When the movie of the same name was released a couple of years ago it made everyone love him. Just watch the movie and tell me he is not cute, I dare you!




A classic movie of the eighties, that decade everyone seems to love now. Now you can be a Ghostbuster with this pinata. In fact, everyone at your party can! just give them the opportunity to have some nostalgia while doing a good old fashion ghost hunting. Or breaking, in this case.


ray veladez


Speaking of classics, here it comes one of the most renown movies of all time. When it came out, it revolutionized completely the way movies are produced. It brought to the table innovative writing and ways to do special effects. The pinata maker responsible for this design should be given an award, what an impressive likeness!  Magnificent!

And now, the best pinata based on movies is…



Death Pool

 Yes! The incredible, the hilarious, the Marvel superhero of the moment, Death Pool! Everybody wanted a movie about this character, and it finally got released at the beginning of this year. It did not take long for pinata makers to choose him as the model of their next creations, a pinata of this guys is set to be a hit! (you saw what I did there?, witty, I know). This pinata is perfect, it got everything about this character right, and that is why it is the best pinata based on movie franchises.



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