Top Ten Pinatas

Top Ten Minecraft Pinatas

Written by Jose Agudelo

MineCraft is one of the most famous games in the world. Many people around the world connect on a daily basis to this platform that allows players to virtually do whatever they want. It is an open world in which there are no limits to what you can build. Needless to say, the characters in this game and the game itself are incredibly popular, becoming a pop culture phenomenon. That’s why many people want to have a pinata related to this game. Here we have the best 10 pinatas based on Minecraft.



Chicken Pinata

This MineCraft chicken pinata looks so chubby you would imagine there are lots of candy inside. And it might be right for all that I know. You are not sure until you try though, so why don’t you try a swing at it? (foto tomada de




A lot of the entries you are going to see in this top are scary. Why? I do not know, do not ask me! Minecraft is a game full of spooky (but interesting) characters, and this little ghost, em, sorry, Ghast, is one of them! Pinatas are difficult to hit already. how about a ghost pinata? (tomada de




The enigmatic Enderman… Little is known about his origin, but that matters not. The only thing that is important is that you have it now. And that he is not going anywhere before you have your party. Be gentle with him!




Are you ready for this one? A TnT MineCraft Pinata to make your parties more… Explosive!!! See What I did there? slick I know. This pinata is perfect for making your parties much more fun !



Block Souvenir

This is not based on any design on particular but in some of the most representative things about the MineCraft game. The creeper, the pick and the grass make up 90 % of what you are going to see while playing it. The perfect emblem for the Minecraft nation. A pity that emblem is destined to be destroyed (photo taken from




Steve is the main character and playable character of this game. How come you want to hit him now? Some questions are better left unanswered…


ender dragon smashpullpinata

Ender Dragon

Behold! the almighty Ender Dragon! one of the most menacing creatures in the MineCraft World. The Enderman’s sidekick, this creature will scare the hell out of everyone in your party, but at least you can say you got one! (Photo taken from




Finally a pinata that is actually cute instead of dreadful! This little friend has a huge fanbase in the Minecraft World. It is so cute is unbelievable someone made a pinata out of it. Really? who is going to hit this? a person with no soul of course.


wither merc

The Wither

The wither is a floating, three-headed powerful boss mob, and is the second boss mob to be added to Minecraft. It has left countless players bewildered, scared and frustrated. How wouldn’t it? look at that freak! The pinata design though, looks exactly how it should look like.

And finally, we have the best pinata based on this game, let’s take a look at



The MineCraft Creeper

Yes, The Creeper! was there any doubt about it? this character is one of the most famous  videogame characters in the world as of today, and thanks in part to it MineCraft became a thing in mainstream media. This scary creature was the first antagonistic being in the game, and its appearance is linked to pain, anger and lots of frustration. Many people want to have this as a pinata, and I cannot blame them, this character is so iconic everyone at your party will rejoice in seeing it. Why don’t you have one then?



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