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Sebastian Errazuriz Creates the Best Pinata ever. And He Fills It with Money!

Written by Jose Agudelo

Sebastian Errazuriz has formed a massive golden piñata shaped like a cow as an installation to inaugurate the opening of NYC x design. This pinata is going to be filled with something wonderful, but not what you might think. It is not going to be filled with candy, but with something much more interesting (if you are no longer a child): Money! This project was conceived by Sebastian as a way to make a point against capitalism, a metaphor of sorts: He plans to hang the pinata between two buildings and leave there so people can start whacking at it to get the money inside.


This is meant to represent the struggle capitalism puts us through: fighting against others to get something it is valuable for all of us just because we think it is, destroying our morality in the process. This pinata can be considered like one of the best we have had in this blog.


The complexity, the design, the size, everything about this pinata is epic.


the piñata is layered in symbolism and controversy. titled ‘XX century capital’ the hanging cow is not only a representation of the gold calf worshiped in the bible, but also maintains a strong resemblance to the wall street bull.



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