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Pinata Humor

Written by Jose Agudelo

Pinatas are a lot of fun, are they not? Tell me something fun to do that can’t be more fun by including pinatas. You see? you cannot do it, nobody can. This is why today we give you the best images of pinatas in funny situations. What would pinatas do if they were real? what would they do? how would they behave? Well, think no more about that, for I have the solution for you! come along and enjoy this gallery of pinata life!


Haven’t you wondered what would happen if pinatas decided to take revenge on us for breaking them so ferociously during all these years? me neither, but here you have the likely scenario.

Happy Birthday P.E.T.A.

Happy Birthday P.E.T.A.

is this how PETA celebrates things? well, that’s… em… super fun of course! I can imagine doing it myself! I am being serious… Nevermind, props to this wonderful organization for promoting animal freedom!


Pinatas have real problems too. they care about their diet, their exercise routine, their everyday tasks, etc. They certainly have plentiful of things to worry about! and that without mentioning their innevitable faith. Have you ever wanted to know how pinatas get all that candy inside of them? well, you have your answer now.


What is this!? a zone in which it is prohibited to have pinatas? why? what is the meaning of this? Pinatas make everything better, what could have led to the prohibition of such fun objetcs? Well I will add that to my list of fun things I cannot go around with, like metal detectors and unleashed dogs.


Pinatas have been around for a looooong time, you know that (or you would know if you read this blog more often, pay attention and visit us more will ya!). In this educative image we show you the evolution of the piantas and pinata smashing. Instructive I know it. Why is this not taught on schools? you can never have an answer for some things.


“Well, you can be darn sure I always finish finish what I start” Well, you cannot blame little Bob, he just wants a job, it is a though economy we live in these days for sure.


We love you Donald, we certainly do. But I think you should be a pinata instead of a president. I do not know, people will actually like you more that way!

Here you have it! the most interesting pinata humor exhibition to date. What do you think? which one did you like the most? we hope these picture made you laugh or at least grin, for pinatas are good at that!




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