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New York Artist Puts Up a Pinata Exhibition Featuring The Donald Trump pinata

Written by Jose Agudelo

Donald Trump is one of the most famous (or, should we say, infamous?) figures in the United States and in the whole world at present. We have covered several of the stories about him and about his pinata twins. But this news we are about to give you right now is a tad more interesting. The Donald Trump Pinatas have become quite notorious, but they had never been considered something artistic. This was until Rachel Harrison (a highly prolific New York artist) decided to set up a “situation” (that’s her word for “exhibitions”) featuring our favorite controversial politician alongside Al Pacino and Amy Winehouse in pinata version. The exhibition, eh, sorry, the ‘The Situation’, was on view during the beginning of this month at Greene NAftali, in the New York Gallery.


Finally the Donald Trump Pinata has the recognition it deserves! here are not just mere party and leisure objetcs, they have all that is required to qualify as artistic creations! and Rachel saw it. Unfortunately, this ‘Situation’ did not get the media coverage it deserved, and it ended up being less successful than it should have been. This doesn’t make this project less epic, for having all this pinatas in one place that is not a children party is something outstanding.





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