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Donald Trump Pinatas Are Out and Selling

trump to beat on
Written by Jose Agudelo

Artist Dalton Javier Avalos Ramirez created a piñata of Donald Trump for fellow Mexicans to take their frustrations out on.

Mr “Piñateria” Ramirez told The Independent that he created Mr Trump’s paper-mâché and cardboard look-a-like in one day and was inspired by his controversial presidential campaign announcement speech.

The craftsman, from Reynosa in Mexico’s Tamaulipas state, said that the piñatas provide an outlet for Mexicans to vent their frustrations at Mr Trump’s controversial portrayal of Mexicans.

fondo blanca

“It was a way of expressing disagreement of what he said about us Mexicans,” the artist said. “Donald Trump should not promote racism against Mexicans or Latinos in America.”

This is a common trend among Mexicans and Latin-american communities in general in the U.S. Pinata makers in Mexico and the United states get their inspiration not only from objects and animal but also from public figures and pop culture icons. A couple of years ago Dalton created a pinata of Robben, the controversial soccer player that was responsible for Mexico’s elimination from the world cup.

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