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Dalton Ramirez, The Most Famous Pinata Maker

Written by Jose Agudelo

Dalton Ramirez, and what is now his  legacy to the world “La Pinateria Ramirez” is one of the most famous pinata makers in the world. Mexican by bird, he has become a celebrity because of the quality of his creations as well as for the fact that his pinatas are always inspired in famous characters.



This artist and his pinateria became extremely famous when Dalton decided to create a pinata of Donald Trump to illustrate the hate that Mexican people feel for him thanks to the statements this controversial and unsubtle american politician. Afterwards his fame grew thanks to the quality and dedication shown with every pinata made.


Dalton was the frist one in creating a pinata of Donald Trump, but this was not the first time that the pinata maker got inspiration from a controversial person for his pinatas. The soccer player Robben was the first person in being made into a pinata.


These two characters were only the beginning. Ramirez has created pinata versions of other famous people like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Barack Obama, El Chapo, among many others.

La Pinateria Ramirez had its inception more than 30 years ago when Ramirez’ parents established in the Mexican city Reynosa realized there was not enough stores making and selling pinatas. Dalton started to work since he was a kid as an apprentice in pinata making in order to hone his skills. And now they can create any type of pinata imaginable with simple materials like paste, paper, paper-mache and wires. Definitely a master of his craft.




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