Pinata Makers

Milagros Panduro, Self-made Pinata Maker

Written by Jose Agudelo


Three years ago, when Milagros Panduro’s daughter wanted a Dora the Explorer-themed birthday party, Panduro couldn’t find a Dora piñata.

But she remembered growing up in the small town of Tepatitlan, Mexico, and had seen piñata makers, so she thought to herself: “I can do that.”

After trial and error, she produced a successful Dora. The piñata was a hit and other moms whose children attended the birthday party asked where she had bought it. Once she explained that she had made it, they asked if she could make another. Soon there were requests for different themed piñatas throughout the year, and a home business was slowly forming.

After crafting piñatas for friends in her apartment in Nixa, she obtained a business license in May 2015 and launched Piñatas Milagros, a homemade piñata business which she operates from her home.



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