Pinata Makers

Kat Munro

Port Moody
Written by Jose Agudelo

Port Moody artist who used to draw for Walt Disney Canada creates Pinatas for her Business.

A couple of years ago, Kat Munro (Port Moody artist), got one of the best ideas in her artistic career. When watching on the t.v. the smashing of a pinata and the spilling of the candy afterwards for a commercial, she thought she could do something unique with it.

She then went to the library to borrow a couple of books about how to create these Mexican objects. She engaged completely in the craft of pinatas and tried to figure out the best possible way to build them. She then started creating the head, later the body, using simple materials like old newspapers, water, flour and a balloon.  Once she was over with the pasting, she popped the balloon and then started decorating it.

Munro then created a whole business around the idea, called “It’s Pinata” and donated some of them to her friends. Word about her work spread and then her business grew. She has now her designs in Vancouver shops.

She has created pinatas based on the likeness of celebrities, t.v. hosts and also other artists. She is notorious for making the statement that pinata making is more than a hobby, is a very interesting art. And it is not dead, it is more alive than ever.

Instagram: @itsapinata



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