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Justin Favela: The most Successful Pinata Maker in Las Vegas

Written by Jose Agudelo


Justin Favela is one of the most enigmatic pinata makers in the world. He is famous for mixing pop culture themes with dark connotations with the art of pinata making. This artist from Las Vegas is one of the participants of the art show State of The Art, an unprecedented exhibition that displays contemporary art throughout the United States territory. He was given the honor to partake in such a prestigious exhibition thanks to his “Low-rider Pinata”

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Justin Favela became a pinata maker when he was at the university. Even though he knows about pinatas since his childhood, he never liked them because he thought they encouraged violence towards animals. He changed his opinion though, and he made his first pinata no long after starting studying. His first design was a monkey, that he decided to destroy before even finishing it. He has come a long way since then. He has build many pinatas over the years and therefore he has become a master of the art. Some of his pieces are among the most famous within the genre. and his prestige only grows. Let us see what this talented artists delivers in the future.

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