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Frank’s Produce selling piñatas since 1976

Written by Jose Agudelo

Roland Garza really can’t remember a time when he wasn’t helping out at the family store, waiting on customers at 8 a.m. or sweeping the floors and stocking shelves.

He and his 5 brothers and sister were practically raised in the Frank’s Produce store, and by age twelve, Roland knew how to buy produce and how to make change for customers.

Frank’s Produce, is located off the 2600 block of Baldwin Blvd. and was started by his father, Frank Garza, who passed away at the age of  71 just five years ago. 9696516_GThe store has been a fixture in South Texas since 1976 and is one of the last remaining “mom and pop” produce stores in Corpus Christi.

One of the most important products sold by the store are Mexican pinatas, which cater to the Latin American communities located on Texas. The legacy of Frank’s Produce will remain strong in this city as long as the quality and design of their pinatas satisfies the market.


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