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David Flores, A Pinata Maker With a Career Spanning 40 Years

Written by Jose Agudelo


40 years ago in Hermosillo, Mexico, David Flores officially started his career as a pinata maker, one that has lasted his whole life ever since. It happened when he watch his neighbor  make a bunch of colorful hand made pinatas. It brought a smile to his face and it gave him the determination necessary to achieve it.


The Pinateria Flores (the one that he created no long after) was was filled with a pile of pinatas of all sizes, designs and colors. His first designs were simple animals or fruits, but his creations became more sophisticated and now there is nothing he cannot do.



His favorite designs, and without a doubt his most popular are the star pinatas. HE likes them because he admires the history behind them (they were used originally en rituals of elimination of sins). He also enjoys telling a story with each one of his pinatas, for he considers each one of them a symbol of the humans struggle for the eliminations of sins and the reaching of the heaven.

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