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Pinata Art! Art Exhibition In Which Pinatas are the Stars!

Written by Jose Agudelo

Happiness come to San Antonio in the for of papier-mache and tissue paper of assorted colors, courtesy of Shannon Gowen and Grabriela Santiago. These local artist are the creators of Pinata Presence, a project of public art that is going to take place during the Contemporary Art Month (CAM).


Gowen and Santiago are going to feature the first of an upcoming series of pinata art exhibitions people will be able to interact with and through different places in the downtown area. The couple is going to set up and document each exhibition everyday and then record the reactions on the official website.

Everyday, Gowen and Santiago will leave one of their incredible hand-made pinatas on a certain place in the downtown area. Some are going to be hung, others will be broken in order to show what lies inside them. The artists are looking forward to setting up pinatas weekly on a wider area, exhibiting giant-size versions of the pinatas used for birthday parties.


Pinatas are not mere objects, they are considered nowadays as objects of artistic expression. They require the same skill and any other kind of art does, and lots of creativity as well. This acknowledgement is only the beginning of more to come, for pinatas will be considered the 8th art!



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