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How to Make Lego Pinata Cookies!

Written by Jose Agudelo

Are you planning on hosting a party but you have no idea what you are going to offer as snacks? Do you have a dinner with your friends and you are in charge of bringing the dessert? or you just simply want to give your children candy that they are going to love and remember? Then this is the perfect occasion to prepare one of the best recipes out there (related to pinatas of course). The Youtube Chanel Rosanna Pansino teaches us how to cook Lego cookies full of M&Ms! How would have thought you could get inspiration from pinatas to come up with a cookie recipe? The world is full of creative people, that much is clear. The appearance of Jack from VSauce3 makes the video even better. Geeks, chocolate lovers and children alike are going to love it. Recommended 100%



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