For Children How to Make a Pinata

How to make a Hat Pinata Cake

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Written by Jose Agudelo

What we usually do here in is to show you some videos on how to build the best pinatas out there. That’s the way this blog works (well, at least the ‘how to make’ section). However, since a couple of months ago we started posting videos of a different sort: edible pinatas. Well, they are not technically pinatas, but they use the concept of pinatas to make (or, should I say, bake?) the most delicious cakes. Pinata cakes are a thing now, apparently. And why wouldn’t they be? they are delicious! Well, I have never eaten one, but judging by the looks they are! In this video Youtube channel Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio teaches us how to cook Sombrero Pinata Cookies for all the family and friends. Perfect for any type of party, including (but now exclusively) the 5 de Mayo.




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