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Viva Pinata: A Videogame Where Pinatas are the Stars.

Written by Jose Agudelo

It has been said countless times on this blog that pinatas are becoming increasingly more famous, to the point that they are no longer an staple of the Mexican culture only. Well, to a certain extent they are, but not at the same level they used to be. Pinatas are huge right now. They are so big people are making video games about them now. Yes, difficult to believe I know, but there is actually a video game franchise that features pinatas as their main characters!

Viva Piñata is a video game franchise by Microsoft Studios and Rare. The series’ first game, Viva Piñata (2006), was conceived as a mobile gardening game before Rare was acquired by Microsoft. It was then developed for the Xbox and ultimately the Xbox 360. The game is about building a natural reserve for pinatas, attracting them, feeding and breeding them, and also exchanging them with other people. Even though the game is not about hitting pinatas, the fact that the animals you have to care for are indeed pinatas makes it really interesting and worth giving a try.




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