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Top Ten Mario Bros Pinatas

Written by Jose Agudelo

Mario Bros is one of the most successful videogame franchises of all time. Each year new games featuring our favorite plumber and his friends (and also enemies) are released and loved by fans all over the world. There is also a huge market for the merchandise of those characters. People rush to the stores to buy toys, posters, notebooks and so much more. There is also a lot of demand for pinatas of them unsurprisingly! the following are the most badass of those pinatas!




This pinata will be a blast in your parties, but not in the sense you think it is going to… use at your own discretion.




This mushroom won’t give you an extra life nor it will make you bigger, but if you hit it hard enough it may give you something you have wished for more than those things: the best candy in town!


pluckingdaisies com

Chain Chump

Be careful when hitting this pinata, it might bite you back! The Chain Chump is ready for everything you throw at him, so beware!




One of the cutest characters of the franchise, and also the cutest pinata you are going to see on this list. Don’t you feel bad for hitting it? You are a monster! Will Mario be there to save him from your kid? I would not bet on that.


Mommy Vegas

King Boo

King Boo’s antics have cause Mario a lot of trouble, and now you can do something about it. This mischievous ghost will try to get your friendship before you smash it. Judging by the looks it has it might be successful.




If there is something that describes what Marion Bros is about better than mushrooms and plumbers, it is definitely this star. It represents everything you can achieve while playing the game: strength, fortune, power, health and much more!




Everyone’s favorite Mexican-Italian plumber and hero: Mario himself! This character is now a legend in videogames, everybody knows him! and who hasn’t played as him during the countless games he has stared? He is an icon, he will never be forgotten. And neither will be this pinata, that does a good job at depicting the character’s goody attitude. He look like he has eaten quite a bit since his last game, but we cannot blame him can we? being a hero is difficult!




Mario biggest enemy, this dinosaur-dragon-turtle whatever represents the highest challenge to beat in the game. Mario never had the skills to face him on a fight without help, and how could he? it is a short and friendly guy against a freaking monster! Now you can beat this guy and give him a lesson!


devianart com


 Even though it is not a main character in any of the videogames, and even though almost nobody really pays attention to him all that much (I had no idea what his name was before writing this post), the design of this pinata makes up for it and places it at the second highest spot on this list. This top after all is about pinata designs and not a popularity contest. And, design wise, this pinata is awesome.

And the winner of the Top Ten is…


Piñatas Mario Bros 18


Yes! Mario again! is it really a surprise? Mario is the main character after all. That is not the only reason why he won this list though. This design includes the iconic car of the Mario Kart Video Game Series. This design is definitely the best one of the list. It is Mario on a car, is there anything better than that. Masterful piece of work.



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