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Do Not Want Hitting things? Let’s Make a Pull-String Pinata!

pull string
Written by Jose Agudelo

There are some who think that breaking pinatas the conventional way does not send the “right message” to children (how can they think that? it is fun man!). Well, they certainly make a good point. Why would you hit the pinata of your favorite animal or superhero? it might confuse some children I will give you that. Well, let’s give an alternative to it shall we? today we bring you one of the easiest tutorials in how to create a pull-string pinata by Youtube User Fatema’s Art Show. This kind of pinata is much safer than the classic one (We have posted several videos of what can happen when pinata smashings go wrong, search for “Pinata fails”) and, depending on preference, can also be more fun for your family. Why don’t you try to have one? go ahead!



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