How to Make a Pinata

How to Make a Pinata Stick

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Written by Jose Agudelo

We have posted several videos in this blog teaching you how to make pinatas of all sizes and designs. We pride ourselves in offering our readers the best quality content on the internet related to pinata making. It is safe to say that anyone can get started in this art by watching the tutorials we have. But we have realized that we have not posted yet how to create a stick to break pinatas! Well, in our defense, you do not really need much if you want to get the candy out of a papier marche container do you? you can even use a broomstick for that (this is what most people do really). But what about those people that what something fancy to use as a stick? What’s the point of having the perfect pinata if you hit it with a stick you used to sweep the floor with? For those of us that feel that way, there is the perfect solution: a pinata stick! These are becoming increasingly famous among pinata lovers. It is a stick that is decorated the same way a pinata is, mainly with tissue paper.

In this video we teach you how to make one for you in less than 20 minutes, guarantied! let’s begin to create the perfect pinata stick!

Do you want a pinata stick a little bit more professional? then go to this page to find a catalog of pinata accessories like sticks, blinfolds, and even filler!



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